Here is what other students say about class:

Cindy Thompson, Kansas City MO

Amanda is fantastic! She is great at working with people in all situations, and making everyone comfortable. I’ve seen her work with a group of people at all skill levels, differing physical issues, and women at varying stages of pregnancy in the same class, at the same time, without making anyone feel excluded or interrupting the flow of the class. She is truly a talented teacher, whose genuine kindness and dedication shine.
Andrea Mancillas, St.Louis MO
“Yoga with Amanda has seriously begun transforming my life. I’ve never experienced yoga as *internally*; mentally, physically. Amanda *teaches* as you work through the movements. She explains what you’re doing and how that effects your body. I LOVE her teaching style and cannot say enough about the energy she brings to class. I practice attachment parenting and nurse my children. To be able to care for my children during the class has made her classes that much more enjoyable for me. My children are an extension of me so when we are practicing it’s so much more beautiful to have my babies right there to nurse if they want or do it with me. It’s such a spiritual connection. The children provide such an awesome positive energy that makes the class so much more relaxing. I finally see how yoga can actually be apart of my everyday life with children! You don’t need all that expensive yoga gear or for your children to be anything but children. I appreciate the non judgment and realness. I love Amanda’s kundalini classes! I’m so happy to have finally found a yoga home! YAY!!!!! ♡”
Diana Winston, Kansas City MO
“Fantastic teacher. Very knowledgeable. Truely has a passion for what she does.”
Jen Salvo-Eaton, Kansas City MO
“Amanda is a great instructor! She creates a comfortable atmosphere and addresses the wellness of body and mind. Her classes are great for people of all ages, and she has a knack for prenatal and mommy/baby instruction. She works with a variety of skill levels and helps those with little to no experience along the way.”

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