Energizing Date and Nut Bars

These are another one of my favorite snacks, whether it be a lunchbox snack for my toddler, a snack for me between teaching yoga classes, or a snack to share with yogis after class. Ingredients 1 cup nuts 1 cup dates (I prefer medjool) 1 cup raisins Steps 1. Process ingredients in a food processor … Continue reading Energizing Date and Nut Bars


Paleo Pancakes

Last Sunday my toddler wanted to cook breakfast with me. She first suggested cupcakes, which I declined. I wanted a low carb and high protein breakfast for us, so my toddler did the mixing work for these pancakes. Its another easy, inexpensive, and healthy recipe. We went basic with the recipe, but it's also glorious … Continue reading Paleo Pancakes