Paleo Pancakes

Last Sunday my toddler wanted to cook breakfast with me. She first suggested cupcakes, which I declined. I wanted a low carb and high protein breakfast for us, so my toddler did the mixing work for these pancakes.

Its another easy, inexpensive, and healthy recipe. We went basic with the recipe, but it’s also glorious with pumpkin puree and chopped walnuts stirred into the batter. We top our pancakes with grassfed butter, local honey, and local maple syrup. And of course, a warm mug of coffee made from locally roasted coffee beans.


1. Mash one banana,preferably with a spoon, but my toddler used

her hands.

2. Whisk 2 eggs and stir into the mashed banana.

3. Spoon some better onto a greased pan and cook each side until golden.


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