Awkward Yoga

Thanks, Yoga Journal, for the picture of the most awkward breathing exercise!

Am I the only one that felt a little weird the first time a yoga teacher said to do this in class? Look at the ceiling, stick my tongue, out and roar. I’m a fairly outgoing person, but I still felt kind of weird doing it in front of people. Here is why yoga teachers and yogis want you do take the time to do this important breathing exercise.Simhasana

Why you need it:

– Relieves tension in the face and chest

– Improves circulation of blood to the face

– Keeps your eyes healthy by stimulating the nerves

– Stimulates and firms the platysma

– Helps prevent sore throat, asthma, and other respiratory ailments

The technique:

Sit on your heels, palms down, on your lap, with fingers spread wide. Lift your neck and tuck in your chin. Draw your eyes upwards, towards the ceiling. Sticking your tongue out, on the exhales, let out a throaty “roar”. Repeat 3 minutes.


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